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Why are so many firms so bad at handling social media?

original post : Author By Mark Ward   Why are so many firms so bad at handling social media? These days disgruntled customers can vent their spleen on social media instantly, but many companies are not handling these platforms properly, experts say. So what are the dos and don’ts of social media customer relations? There are…
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The Third Age of credit

Original Post: Author: Nik Milanovic Society is beginning to wake up to a tremendous shift in one of the most fundamental underpinnings to how we live our lives: the credit system. Even though it’s not commonly known, credit infrastructure has existed about as long as civilization itself. In one way or another, credit systems have always formalized the one essential basis for…
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4 predictions for the future of work

Original Post: Author: Stephane KasrielCEO, Upwork   I contemplate the future of work on a daily basis in both my professional and personal life. As a father of four children from four to 14 years old, and as a citizen of the world, I care about our future. As CEO of freelancing website Upwork, I am…
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“Speed” is the new “Scale”

Those quickest to act will win. Click below link to read more on “why speed is the new scale”

The Art of Active Listening

Original Post: Author: Glenna Fulks It’s absolutely true, listening is an art. And sadly, it has become a lost art. Few actually do it well. It would seem to be a pretty simple concept, but there are several deterrents that get in the way. Many of us are guilty of starting a conversation and putting a thought or question…
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How to handle difficult customers on social media

Original Post: Difficult customers can tarnish the reputation of an otherwise reputable business. However, you can learn to turn each situation into a positive one. It’s important to showcase the exceptional level of customer service your business provides. Creating this on social media platforms helps to promote your brand and show the world that…
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Why you procrastinate, according to a psychologist

Original Link: Author: Chris WellerIdeas Reporter, Business Insider Don’t blame your lack of will power or poor time management skills for your inability to get stuff done. According to psychologist Tim Pychyl, a leading expert on procrastination from Carleton University, the fickle habit goes much, much deeper. At its heart, Pychyl tells Business Insider, procrastination is an emotional…
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Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

Original Post By Gustavo Tanaka   Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening. A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything…
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These are the habits that mentally strong people rely on

Original Link: Author: Travis Bradberry President, TalentSmart Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day. A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists of extreme physical, mental, and social challenges that are designed to test candidates’…
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Original Link By: Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner Employees must constantly learn, improve, and adapt to economic, societal and technological changes in order to not become obsolete – mostly because where they work continually change their work practices in order to be more productive and/or competitive. This learning can be formal, non-formal or informal (see for example Van…
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