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The ‘deadly sins’ of business

Original Post Author: Ben MorrisBusiness reporter, BBC News Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionCarillion buckled under the weight of a whopping £1.5bn debt pile Despite ranks of highly paid executives and advisors, big companies can take decisions that seem at best baffling and at worst self-destructive. So how do such big organisations, led by well-paid chief executives and…
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Here’s how AI can make you better at winning arguments

Original Post: Author: Chris Reed Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy , University of Dundee Image: REUTERS/Mike Blake The ability to argue, to express our reasoning to others, is one of the defining features of what it is to be human. Argument and debate form the cornerstones of civilised society and intellectual life. Processes of argumentation…
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10 skills you’ll need to survive the rise of automation

Original Post : Author: Jeff Desjardins Founder and editor of Visual Capitalist Automation is coming to the workplace. Millions of jobs will be destroyed, but many jobs will also be simultaneously created in the process as well. For those in the workforce – or for those just joining it for the first time – the big question is: what…
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